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My Self-Gifting Wish List for 2019

I'm not one to ask for presents. Even as a child, I refused to write out Christmas Lists and only exposed my wants when asked. But bizarrely, one of my love languages is gifts. I truly love giving and receiving gifts! So it's no wonder that for years I have been a fan of self-gifting as a form of self-love. Nothing makes you feel empowered and proud quite like getting that perfect gift, in the perfect size, in the perfect color for YOURSELF.

I thought it would be fun to make my personal self gifting wish list public this year. I encourage you to make the time and budget to treat yourself this holiday season. Perhaps you will find something for yourself or something to gift someone else!

1. Mejuri necklace

I'm a big fan of the kind of jewelry you put on and never take off. I can't be bothered with earrings to match every outfit. I literally want to wear something that goes with everything and never think about it again. Mejuri is known for "handcrafted jewelry for every day", and their minimalistic designs so their truly a perfect fit for me. They have a store right here in NYC where you can browse and see everything IRL. But if you aren't near NYC, you can always check out their website at https://mejuri.com/


2. Tri-light Glasses For Bright Eyes

This is a bit more of a splurge item at $175. But I saw one of my favorite beauty editors wearing it in her Instagram story, so I feel pretty confident that it's worth the price tag.

This revolutionary beauty device uses LED chromotherapy technology to target dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes. Wear these glasses for just 10 minutes per day to promote radiant, supple skin and brighter-looking eyes.


3. J-Crew Slippers

What's more important than having comfortable clothes to wear when you curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate to watch Christmas movies?! This time of year, nothing!

These fuzzy slippers come in pink, white or black. I personally prefer black!


4. Friendship bracelets 

When you're looking for a gift to give yourself, it's only natural that you would stumble across gifts that would be well suited for your best friend.

These charming friendship bracelets are a modern and mature spin on a common childhood ritual.

How fun to be able to be chic while matching with your bestie!


5. HD Portable Pocket Projector

This pocket projector connects to all your devices such as phones and laptops while being compact enough to fit perfectly in your bag.

I could see myself using this in bed (since I don't have TV in my bedroom) or when traveling and especially fun for camping.

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