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Updated: May 10, 2020

As many of us have experienced lately, everything is closed. Schools, malls, and salons have all closed their doors with no opening dates in mind. The closing of my gym has forced me (and many others) to foray into the world of at-home workouts. I have never been great at working out at home. It’s hard for me to maintain intensity and focus with so many distractions around. On my own, I tend to not work out for more than ten minutes at a time. That’s truly not sufficient, especially with the more sedentary quarantined life I’ve been leading. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it without the structure of a class environment. I had previously taken barre classes in person and online. I had never really enjoyed them the way I had hoped to. I grew up doing ballet for 13 years, and I suppose I had certain expectations of what barre exercises should be. But I decided to give barre workouts another chance with Xtend Barre. Where Can I do Xtend Barre? Normally Xtend Barre can be done in a studio, or online. Right now the only option is online, just like everything else in our currently quarantined world. For $14.99 a month I can take as many classes as I want via the Openfit website. I love that I can access my account from any device as long as I have internet access. I have done workouts using my phone, iPad, and computer. I just go to openfit.com, log in and choose from a huge array of workouts. There is Xtend barre and Xtend Pilates workouts for the upper body, lower body, or the entire body. They offer both 30-minute workouts and 15-minute workouts, so I can choose whatever suits me at the moment. Trying Xtend Barre For The First Time When I tried my first Xtend Barre via Openfit, I was happy to find that I already owned everything I needed. I only needed a yoga mat and small weights; Andrea suggests using one, two, or three-pound weights. I already had three-pound weights, and just put them down any time they felt too strenuous. And YES small weights will feel strenuous after a certain point. If you don’t have small weights you can use cans from your kitchen cabinets. There is no need for a barre. A countertop or the back of a chair or couch is the perfect height for most people. What makes Xtend Barre different? The biggest difference between Xtend Barre and previous barre workouts I have tried is simple; it’s Andrea. Andrea is the creator of Xtend Barre and the instructor for all classes on Openfit. Her energy and attitude bring so much to the experience. Her love of dance and dance background makes her classes feel more like a traditional ballet technique class than a fitness class. I grew up doing ballet so for me there is a sense of nostalgia and familiarity that I enjoy. My results I’ve now been doing Xtend Barre somewhat regularly since the end of March. At this point, I can do the thirty-minute workouts with no breaks and not having to put my three-pound weights down. I’m loving the way my legs are looking in shorts. And while compliments aren’t everything, they are certainly nice and I’ve had more than a few from my husband. The best part is I have been able to workout consistently without injury or much soreness at all. I’m pretty prone to muscle soreness, and this oftentimes prevents me from working out consistently.

I have officially become a barre lover and an Xtend Barre addict!

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