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Bridal Beauty Must-Have Products

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As a bride prepares for her “big day”, it’s more important than ever to get your beauty game strong early on. I have compiled for you the few things I believe most if not EVERY bride should invest in prior to her wedding to make sure she looks her most beautiful.

1. Get yourself some good face masks! Besides wanting to keep your skin clear and glowing in the weeks leading up, it’s also important to be well-stocked with all the skincare remedies you may need when it’s time to get up and get ready for your wedding day.

I recommend some cooling undereye patches. They can do a lot in the way of reducing puffiness and dark circles. Most brides don't get much sleep the night before their wedding, and undereye patches can help you look vibrant and well-rested. Sheet masks for your face are the simplest, mess free way to mask the morning of your wedding. You can even get sheet masks for the body parts you intend on showing off; like your chest and neck.

2. Whitening strips have come a long way in the past few years. My personal favorite is the Lumineux Oral Essentials Teeth Whitening Strips. They are a big help for anyone (like me!) who experiences any tooth sensitivity.

3. Your go-to lip color needs to be on deck and ready to be reapplied throughout your wedding day. Be sure to find out what lip color your makeup artist uses for your trial, and get that exact lipstick and lipliner. After all that kissing and champagne-sipping, you’ll be happy you took the time to be prepared for a touch-up.

4. Clip in hair extensions is a bride’s best friend. To get Pinterest-worthy hair you either need the exact perfect hair just like the model in that photo has or, clip-in extensions. Extensions are not just for length. If you just need some extra density and volume, purchase clip-ins the same length as your natural hair or trim them to match. Clip-in extensions are a remarkably affordable way to take your hair from an everyday look to a “big day look”.

For a constantly updated list of all my beauty recommendations in one place, check out my list on Amazon.com at the link below!


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