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Padded, Embellished & Braided; Holiday Season Headband Styles and Where to Get Them

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Until recently, the last time I wore a headband was 2007, when I watched The Hills religiously and channeled LC with long flat ironed hair and a black leather headband. While some of my fashion choices from my early 20s proved to be embarrassing to look back on, I never wore a headband I now regret. Even as a trend, headbands are a classic look. Headbands have long evoked a sense of preppy femininity. You need look no further than Blair Waldorf for the perfect example, my other style icon of my early 20’s.

I’m happy to see that in 2019 headbands made a comeback, and I am ready to top off every holiday party outfit with one of the many modern headband designs. The current trendy headband of late 2019 is no understatement. It is over the top, oversized, over embellished and often times the next closest thing to wearing a tiara.

Honestly headbands are the PERFECT holiday party accessory. During the Winter I want to be warm and comfortable, and a special accessory like a headband can take an outfit from cozy to classic in a second.

If you’re interested in dressing up your holiday hair styles with a headband, keep scrolling for a curated collection of my favorite headband looks and where to find ones just like them.

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