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How to be Comfy and Cute on New Year's Eve

For some, New Year’s Eve is a night to go all out with their outfit. If there is one night out of the year where you can be over the top glammed out, it’s New Years Eve! You can wear all the sparkles, glitter, sequins, tulle and feathers you want while having no concerns about being overdressed. For others, New Years Eve is one of the few nights of the year they will venture out to a bar or club. If you’re the kind of person that more often spends their weekend evenings lounging on the couch, getting dressed up to go out can be a little anxiety enducing. Every time I go out (which isn’t often) I find myself panicking over what to wear. I mean, I used to go out pretty often. But it was 2012 and bodycon bandage dresses were the “go to” going out attire.  Nowadays when I go out, I need something that I can wear again or already own. I need to feel like myself.. Those bodycon bandage dresses were never me, and we’re definitely not going back to that. 1. The Upgraded Pantsuit I love pants in the winter. I love to be comfortable, and I love to be warm. Pantsuits mean no worrying about your skirt sliding up when you dance, and no freezing legs while walking from the train or car to your destination. There is something so strong, sexy and powerful about a pantsuit that I just can’t get over.

You might even be able to easily create this look with items you own too! Put together black dress pants, a slinky tank in black or another complimentary color and a black blazer. By going monochromatic with the pants and jacket both being black, it will look like a pantsuit that was MADE to be worn together. Consider adding a statement shoe; maybe sparkly, or brightly colored for a pop. 

Another easy to get the pantsuit look is to pair a long pants jumpsuit with a blazer or leather jacket. I have a favorite red velour one that I have worn year after year now!

(photo from Pinterest) 

2. A slip dress

A slip dress has that perfect blend of “bedroom chic/woke up like this” vibes. Best of all, they look great on a variety of body types. Slip dresses go well with variety of accessories, from a long beaded necklace to a trendy choker. They can be paired with black stockings and flat ankle boots, or over the knee flat boots. This the best choice for someone who isn’t looking to teeter around in stilletoes all night! And if you do want to go with heels, they look great with those as well. 

I found this green velour slip dress at Target for $25!

3. Are you most comfortable in a pair of jeans? No need to ditch your denim just because it’s an extra fancy evening. Wear your darkest or black denim with a top that elevates the look to be NYE appropriate. Think lace, leather, velour, velvet or sequins.

Darker colors make denim feel dressier, and little details on your top will make the look just special enough. This outfit formula also applies to leggings! If you are a leggings lover (like me), go with a fake leather pair. You can add in any of the top ideas from above. I would just advise against a leather top or leather jacket.  Remember, no matter what night of the year it is, you should feel happy, comfortable and like yourself in your clothes. See You Next Year!

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