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Don't Even Attempt A Blowout Without These 4 Things

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Have you ever had a last-minute date, interview, or a girls night out? With no time to get a blowout, you are left to your own devices. Struggling to coordinate your left hand to your right hand, you instantly regret your decision to DIY it. You’re having a helluva time wrangling the twisted, too short dryer cord. And that paddle brush? Good for detangling, but it seems to be doing nothing to tame your mane. While of course there is skill to a good blowout, it is still very much necessary to have the right tools. In this blog post, I have broken down for you the four things that are a MUST if you hope to be a styling maven. All of these tools are available at Ulta. A good blowdryer! Let’s be honest, that Conair is not cutting it! You need a blowdryer a professional would use. Professional blowdryers have longer cords and use far advanced technology to achieve your desired look. My personal favorites are Dyson, Sedu or Twin Turbo.

2. Clips! A big mistake people make when blow drying is not breaking their hair down into sections and clipping out of the way. You need the kind of clips that help you section your hair neatly. Make sure they can hold large sections at a time.

3. A round brush suitable for your hair texture I absolutely cannot do a blow dry without the right brushes! If you have coarse curly hair, that you desire to smooth down go for a brush with boar bristles or mixed bristles. Boar bristles create extra tension, which is necessary for smoothing out natural curls.

If you have hair that is wavy or closer to straight, and are looking to add volume or curls, I suggest a ceramic brush with synthetic bristles.

4. Product appropriate for your hair Styling hair without any products is like cooking with no seasoning. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I don’t like product”. In my opinion, this avoidance of all products comes from using the wrong product the wrong way.

Everyone should use ONE product and use it correctly. Be sure to read the directions, and if you can, ask a stylist to explain how to use your products. A little oil on your ends only won’t lead to oily roots. A light hold hairspray, if not overused, won’t create crunchy crusty hair.When used correctly the right products can make all the difference. I don’t believe anyone should be blow drying their hair without at least a heat protectant. It is so damaging to go without!

*all tools and photos from Ulta.com

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