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You Must Do These 5 Things for Healthy Winter Hair

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This time of year can be especially brutal on hair! With the dry air of heat and the cold chilling winds, the health of your hair and skin can really start to suffer. No one wants dry, brittle, staticky hair! Every Winter I end up with enough split ends that I am fighting the urge to get at least a few inches cut off. But not this year! This year I have a serious plan of how to protect my hair, and so far it's working very well. If you need a few tips on how to keep your locks shiny and holiday party ready, be sure to read on!

Reduce Heat First things first, there’s no way your hair is going to be healthy and luscious through the winter months if you are continuously applying heat to it. Overuse of heat styling tools can be a big contributor to static as well. I know it can be tempting to blow dry all winter long, but it is wise to cut out heat whenever possible. Try to shower at night and let your hair dry. Not a big fan going to sleep with wet hair in January? If that's your issue, blow dry only half way with your blow dryer turned down to warm instead of hot. Just drying partially should quicken the natural drying process significantly. Once dry, avoid hot tools and try a couple new no-heat styles like braids or low buns. Save your curling iron for those Chrismas parties and ice skating dates!

Wash less If you are washing your hair every day, you’re washing it too often. The most you should be washing your hair is every other day. Grab yourself a cute shower cap and some dry shampoo to get you through the nonwashing days. You may have to wash your hair more often if you have very fine hair, but try to go as long as you possibly can. Bonus: saves you tons of time! Turn down the temp Hot water is incredibly drying for both your hair and your skin. I know this time of year especially it can be tempting to take extra long, hot showers, but unfortunately, all the heat wreaks havoc on your hair. Not to mention, hot water is a major roadblock to shine. There is nothing I love more during the Winter than a bouncy, shining blow out. Something about holiday parties just demands an extra boost of shine, and washing with cool water can help you achieve just that.

Invest in a shower filter This is a quick and easy way to not only upgrade your bathroom but upgrade your hair-care routine. The primary purpose of a shower head filter is to remove chlorine and heavy metals, which are both drying and damaging. I can't imagine those things are good for your hair or really any other part of you.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Don’t ever skip conditioner! If you have very fine hair that is weighed down easily, you may require a lighter weight conditioner. Be sure to only apply to your midlength to ends. How do you determine where exactly that is? Split your hair into two low pigtails and secure with your hair ties. Anything about an inch or two down from the hair ties is where you should be applying. Consider a leave-in conditioning treatment prior to shampooing!

What are some of the ways you keep your hair healthy? Please share all your favorite tips in the comments below!

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