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Top 4 Ways to Prepare Your Hair For Your Wedding Day

I don’t know if you are aware, but in case you are not.. I am a hairdresser specializing in weddings and other special events. Just like your dress, your jewelry and your makeup, your hair should not be an afterthought on your wedding day. I’ve seen too many brides neglect their hair leading up to their wedding, resulting in less than stellar results. They may have an intense workout regime for a year or more before, wax their eyebrows one last time and get that perfect bridal manicure but they just don’t think of how much their hair requires TLC leading up to the wedding. 

I have compiled a list of the best ways to prepare your hair for big day! 

1. Don’t change your cut or color close to the wedding! I feel like this one is obvious, but sometimes it just needs to be said. Your color should be something tried and true, that you know you look good with and will love the look of in pictures for years to come. Personally, I colored my hair BACK to it’s natural color for my wedding so that I would feel that I looked completely like myself. I’m glad I did because looking back, those highlights I covered up were tragic.

When it comes to cut DO NOT go for a big change close to your wedding. Most of the time, it is best avoid a lot of layers. Many popular wedding hairstyles are more easily executed on lightly layered hair. Braids, twists and other intricate details look less than their best on more layered hair. For example, very layered hair tends to create messy braids with many small, shorter pieces coming out. 

After your hair trial you should avoid cutting or coloring your hair. If possible, get all these things done BEFORE your hair trial. If you must, the cut and color should not be much of a change. Stick to the slightest trim and at most a root touch up. The same bridal style will often look different with your hair cut differently, and will look very, very different with a different color. If you loved your wedding style at your trial, you may not love it the same on differently colored hair. 

2. If you have fine hair, you may want to get extensions. Depending on the style you want for your wedding day, you might look best with clip ins, tape in or another method. Consult with your hairdresser about what choice is best for you. Do not wait until the last minute! It’s always possible you could get the color wrong and need to exchange it. If you are using extensions, they must be installed (or if clip ins, already purchased) before your trial. Your stylist will need to see and know exactly where they will be placed. Throwing any kind of extensions into a style the day of when they weren’t there for the trial can completely throw off the look, and create undue stress. 

I’ve been able to find good quality extensions on Amazon for $100, and used them for several brides. 

3. In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, your goal should be to have the healthiest hair possible. I often recommend taking vitamin supplements. There are many formulations specifically for hair growth. I like to take prenatal vitamins (I swear they help your hair) and collagen. Even if you aren’t looking to gain more length, the vitamins provide the nutrients necessary for shiny, healthy hair and often clearer skin. 

4. If you do just one thing, please get regular trims! Many brides who dream of having long hair on their wedding day refuse to get trims, resulting in long but dull, lifeless hair. As mentioned above, extensions are always an option. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing to see a bride with healthy hair an inch or so shorter, than unhealthy hair that looks frayed and damaged. As a stylist, there is only so much we can do make your hair appear healthy if it isn’t. 

The most important concept here is that your hair should be healthy and well cared for prior to your wedding. Any stylist will appreciate you taking these extra steps to ensure that their work can truly shine, and I’m sure you won’t regret it either. 

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