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My #1 Trick for Building A Versatile Winter Wardrobe

The best kind of wardrobes are the kind that are versatile; that take you through an entire season or even maybe two with enough flexibility that you don't get bored. 

The best addtion I've found to my Fall and Winter wardrobe is what I like to call "Outfit Toppers". An outfit topper is that extra layer on top that helps take your outfit to the next level, adding extra warmth as well as a "put together" feel. Outfit Toppers often make the difference between looking like you simply got dressed and looking styled. 

If you're going to incorporate "outfit toppers" you're going to need things to go under those outfit toppers. In early Fall I wore alot of short sleeve tees. By this point in Winter, I am transitioning to long sleeve tshirts. My favorite simple tees cost about $8 at Target.  At the begining of Fall I usually buy a few in every color. I also love long sleeve henley tees. Any lighter weight knit; even a thinner sweater is perfect. Often my light weight tops will be gray, black, gray, soft pink,  or deep purple. Anything that will mix and match with alot of different options. Keep in mind, neutral colors are not limited to white, black, gray and taupe. There are neutral pinks, greens, purples. 

And now on to... OUTFIT TOPPERS! 

One of my favorite outfit toppers, and probably the most common for anyone  is long cardigans. They work perfectly over leggings or jeans! This year I found a gray one at Target and a black one at Walmart. 

 My next favorite outfit topper is my chambray button up that I got from Target. It's made by Universal Thread and is soo soft. You can wear it closed, even with a long cardigan on top or open with a lighter weight top underneath.

 Similar to a chambray button up top, would be a button up flannel. I always buy mine in a size up, so that they can be worn layered, either peeking out from under a sweater or open with a light weight top. 

Another super easy Outfit Topper is a vest! They're incredibly warm and versatile. I suggest getting a neutral color that will work with as many things as possible. Old Navy always has them, every Winter without fail. As a general rule, I get all of my outfit toppers in neutral colors. This allows for the most versatility.

I hope you found this post helpful, and will consider adding a few versatile outfit toppers to your Winter Wardrobe.

I would love to hear from you! Where do you find the best Outfit Toppers? What extra layers do you find yourself throwing on over everything this Winter?

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