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The Side Effects of Minimalism

February marked one year since I began considering myself a minimalist. Prior to that, you could have said I was at times. But I wasn’t trying to be, or thinking of myself as one and most of the time I was absolutely not one in the least bit. Sometime last Winter I began listening to The Minimalists podcast. I began a pattern of listening to an episode, and then spending an hour or so tearing through my closet finding things to give away. I was suffering terribly with anxiety, and relinquishing stuff felt therapeutic. Every sweater, every unworn skirt, every barely scuffed shoe felt like a piece of my worries that I was sending off into the world to become someone else’s problem. I began shopping way less. I almost entirely gave up going to Target, which is monumental. My wardrobe dwindled. After all that, Where are we now? I’ve listed for you below the five things that have changed since I become a minimalist.

1. I find it super hard to find things to buy. I essentially detoxed my life, and with any good detox you just stop craving the thing you used to think you needed so badly. My husband and I recently allotted ourselves each a decent sum of money to spend on our Spring/Summer 2018 wardrobe. I have looked high and low and still can't find things to spend my money on. I’ve found a few things. I’ve gotten a couple new pairs of pants, a jacket, a blazer. Some great basics, essentially. But I really haven’t blown through the money like I would have in the past.

2. My closet is half full. Yea, it’s weird. And sometimes I have this passing urge to fill it.

3. I don’t have a mound of clothes to put away. Previously my husband and I would argue once a week or so about when I was going to tackle “the mound”. There is still a pile of clothes, that for various reasons have found themselves a part of “the mound”. Regardless of how they got there, they need to be put away, But the ever present pile is much more manageable than it normally would be.

4. I really need to do laundry. All the time. I have one pair of jeans. ONE. I wear the same clothes week after week, and if I don’t do laundry I literally have nothing to wear.

5. I have more money. Probably the best side effect of all!

So, that’s what happens after a year of wardrobe minimalism. Keep in mind, you can apply minimalism to almost any aspect of your life. Where would you benefit from applying a minimalist mindset?

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