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Introduction to ME

You might wonder how a woman from Pennsylvania who majored in psychology ends up becoming a freelance hairdresser in NYC. I wonder this myself all the time. To clear up a couple questions, I figured my first post should be a brief synopis of the winding path that got me here.

As previously mentioned, I majored in Psychology. I wanted to be a psychologist since I was 10 years old. For most of my life I told everyone I met that I wanted to be a psychologist. After two summers working at a children's home (this was legitimately a modern day orphanage in Easton, PA) I began to question my chosen career. My days at the children's home were meant to last 9-5. They often turned into 12 hour days because I simply could not walk out the door at 5 pm with a clear conscience. I went beyond the mandated hours, by quite alot. I attended basketball games, parent teacher conferences, court dates, and volunteered with a young man at an animal shelter. The workload was as expected. What I didn't expect was how deeply impactful the experience would be. Every day that I left without doing something extra, I would leave in tears. I could feel my heart breaking day after day; as parents continued to do drugs, stay with abusive partners, or ghost on their children entirely.

I was told that eventually I wouldn't be so attached and I would "toughen up". But I didn't want to toughen up. In the end, these two summers changed the course of my career. I rather abruptly up and moved to Nashville, Tennesee, where I planned to enjoy life and get some perspective on what to do next. While in Nashville I got involved in production. I met more creative people than I had ever met before. I had never thought of myself as creative. I was pragmatic, logical. Anything but creative. It was there that I became interested in hairstyling, and realized that it could be a career that takes you far beyond the salon. There were two things I KNEW I needed in a career.

1) never living the same day twice

2) the opportunity to connect with and change people's lives for the better

Hairdressing gave me the ability to do both. I moved back to Pennsylvania resolving to become a hairdresser and one day move to NYC.

Within that year I started cosmetology school. I graduated nine months later, in May of 2014. In November 2014 I married my husband, John. In January of 2015 I applied for a job at a large well known salon in Soho. I was sure I would never get the job. By this time, I had chosen love over moving to NYC and had nearly forgotten altogether about my goal of working there. John encouraged me to interview for the job, saying that it would be a good experience. So I went to the first interview. And then a second... I began the process of transferring my cosmetology license to New York. I talked to a friend about possibly staying with them for a few months. I looked into selling my car. But still I was convinced I wouldn’t get the job. A third interview came, and to my surprise I was offered a position as an apprentice. I spent four months staying with friends while John worked on being transferred within his company and in May 2015 we moved into our apartment in Jersey City.

My apprenticeship lasted just over a year, and was grueling (I’ll write a separate post about this at a later date). In May 2016 I tested out of the apprenticeship and became a stylist. I stayed as a stylist for one year. In May 2017 I left to become freelance.

Becoming freelance was scary as heck. John and I were prepared for me to make $0. I hate to gloss over the gory details; but under a year later I am much more financially secure and I am immeasurably happier.

None of this would have been possible without the support of my husband John, good friends who let me sleep on their couches, and clients who trust me again and again with their crowning glory.

Surround yourself with the right people. Don’t date or even be friends with someone who doesn’t want your dreams to come true as badly as you do.


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